About Me

Little things about me:

I like being called "mads" or any other nicknames that naturally come up for random reasons. My music taste includes a little bit of everything — I can go from Cody Johnson to Tyga to Ben Howard real fast. I love meeting new people and experiencing new places. Summer is my all-time favorite season. Fourth of July, swimming, bonfires, cook outs... my favorite thing in the world. I'm obsessed with golden hour light and all its warmth and comfort. I spend an unhealthy amount of money getting coffee or tacos.I have a fear of heights but I'll climb trees and get on rooftops if it's for a solid picture. &&& mostly just thankful to God for giving me a talent that not only makes money, but allows me to see His creation in a new way.

My Passion:
I started photography my freshman year of high school, so it’s been a long time coming. I was instantly hooked on this idea of capturing a mood, feeling or experience to keep forever. A photo is one single moment that you'll never get back, but will be able to revisit every time you see it.

Plans for the future:

I'm currently a student at Dallas Baptist University, majoring in graphic design. Photography, along with videography and design, is something I definitely plan to pursue throughout school and beyond.

Locally, I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but I'm always down to see new places and travel around!

Let’s book a shoot!

-Mady Jade



Personal Instagram: madyfischelli

Photography IG: madyjadephoto