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If you're a palm, I'm a palm.

If you're a palm, I'm a palm.

I was reading a Psalm before bed, honestly wanting to read something quick so I could go to sleep after a long day. But God always likes to get our attention when we start getting lazy or ritualistic. SO!!! Here is something crazy I learned tonight and I hope it refreshes you a bit.

In Psalm 92:12-15, David talks about the righteous flourishing like a palm tree. I almost skimmed right over this, because when you read it, it just doesn’t make sense. But I thought, “Why are followers of God compared to trees, specifically a palm tree?”  Yes, they grow. Yes, they’re alive. But it’s deeper than that.

A palm tree is used multiple times in scripture, such as when Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, everyone shouting “Hosanna!”. But what is it about the palm tree and its branches? The palm is beautiful, noble, and dignified. It has deep roots, called a root ball, providing a way for it to survive in harsh conditions. Not only does it just survive harsh conditions, it actually produces many useful provisions/necessities we need in our day-to-day lives, that really benefit us- such as sugar, honey, oil, thread, and more. Stay with me it gets good!!

This is the part that gets me excited: According to Institute for Creation Research, the fruit from a palm tree gets sweeter as the tree grows older. Hmm I wonder how this applies to us?? 

We are so much like a palm tree. We are more often than not, in harsh conditions. Financial instability. Relationship problems. Trust issues. Lack of confidence or self-worth. Emotional baggage. Bad family life. You name it. We all have things going on that we wish could change for the better. But a palm tree has a stable and consistent and RELIABLE root. Jesus is that root. We as the palm tree are not able to fall away when conditions get worse. When we walk righteously, connected with the Lord, we are held up by His faithfulness, and are unmoved by surrounding situations. 

To go further, a palm tree’s fruit gets sweeter over time. Yes, the older you get, you learn how to live right (hopefully), be a nicer person, share, give someone a ride, etc. But our fruit is only processed more intimately and more divinely when we walk in step with the Lord throughout our lives. We can look back and see how sweet our good fruit is that we are and have been bearing. Only because we are one with Him- walking with Him. How crazy it would be to look back over years and years walking in step with God and see just how much He has prospered you and grown you. And how He is even doing that in our day-to-day life, making our fruit sweeter, to bring heaven down to earth and make His presence known. 

Be like the palm tree. I’m not just saying that because God says we have to be righteous little humans. I’m saying live a life bearing good fruit. Sow and reap good fruit, let others see it! Show God’s compassion, His mercy, His undying attention and loyalty. Remain connected to your root that holds you in place. Watch how God is making your fruit sweeter, and your walk with Him new each day.