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The bluest water I have ever seen.

Earlier this summer, I finished my degree at Dallas Baptist University, and my brother graduated from high school. A big celebratory trip it was! My mom and dad love planning fun trips for our family, and Maui was definitely my favorite trip they’ve planned by far. A few years ago I went to Oahu and loved it, so it was cool to see another island of Hawaii.

One main difference I noticed between Oahu and Maui, is Oahu is the busy island. If you are seeking a quiet, tranquil, more relaxed island getaway, Maui is the way to go. However, if you want to hit the beach all day then party all night, Oahu is your best bet. Either way, you won't be disappointed!


The deepest blues, greens, and yellows. Swimming with turtles. Mimosas with an ocean view. Cliff jumping into the salty Hawaiian water.

 My family tends to love laying by the pool or beach all day long. But on this trip, We really went all out and got adventurous. The first full day we had, we started with the best breakfast I’ve ever had. I’m personally not really a huge breakfast person, normally I just grab a banana and go. But the breakfast at the Ritz made me a breakfast person. Triple chocolate pancakes. Fresh baked croissants. Sweet Maui pineapple. Addicting scrambled eggs. A kombucha bar. You name it, they had it. That started every morning go my trip off to the right start.

After breakfast, we decided to hit the cliffs. I talked a big game, like I wasn’t scared at all. Once we got there, it actually took me a while to just jump haha! My brother went over and over again while I was trying to work up the guts to go. Then I saw 5 year olds jumping and I was like… “okay now I really have to.” I stood up and walked to the edge saying to myself “just don’t think about it.” Soon enough I felt myself flying into the air, and down into the crystal blue salt water. My swimsuit top came down from the impact, and I flashed some five year olds, but it was an amazing experience. My mom even did it, when she had previously refused to. Overall, we had a good family bonding afternoon and we were all proud that we jumped.

Through the week, we ate chips and guacamole by the pool. We go sand in places sand should not be. We sat on rocks and watched sea turtles swim really close to shore. We ate at some amazing restaurants with the richest, most satisfying foods. Pizzas, cheeseburgers, steak, but the boujee kind.

One day we even went zip lining! If you know me, it’s not a secret that I hate heights. So, I was once again in a place where I had to get past the fear and live my life. Don’t think about it- just do it. Pretty soon I was soaring over Hawaiian valleys and waterfalls and forests. I felt like I was flying. You can see more of the zip lining in my Youtube video I’ll attach as well.

After more fresh fruit, good family time, growing a golden brown tan, and letting my hair air dry into waves, we had to head to the airport. It was a beautiful week, and I wish these photos could do the island justice. If anyone ever finds themselves in Maui, let yourself take risks. Feel the wind blow your hair, feel the sun on your shoulders. Try new foods. Simply sit and stare at the ocean and be in awe of Who created it.

A Saturday Brunch Affair

A Saturday Brunch Affair